Welcome to Al Qaem general Trading & Cont. Co.W.L.L

With an extensive economic growth and boosting of inhabitants in Kuwait, ALQAEM GENERAL TRADING & CONT. CO. W.L.L was established in the year 1973. ALQAEM provides producers of world renowned Fast Moving Consumer Goods the highest standard of representation in Kuwait. The strategy of ALQAEM derives from sharp and continuous observations of the market, aiming an organization that is able to satisfy its need and allying great quality of products to adequate price. ALQAEM progressiveness has maximized its efficiency, effectiveness and greatly improved its information systems, thus solidifying the mutual trust it shares with its clients as well as providing the general public with international quality brands that are available throughout all distribution channels across the country. 

Over the past years, the company has achieved immense growth and emerged to the forefront of analogous companies. ALQAEM Company aims at the peak of the business circle for as long as it’s prevailing. 

With wide-ranging brand portfolio products, ALQAEM’s range of globally renowned quality brands highlights the successful implementation of strategic planning and unified operations.

Contemplating the years to come, we are highly confident that ALQAEM, with utilizing accumulated expertise, know-how and the dynamics of our team will allow us to positively respond to upcoming challenges.